Amanuensis Monday – The Will of Gertrude Angeline Peacock McCormack

Amanuensis: A person employed to write what another dictates or to copy what has been written by another. This topic was started by  John Newmark of the TransylvanianDutch blog.

This is the hand-written (of course) will of Gertrude Angeline (Peacock) McCormack (b. 1865 d. 1927), the wife of John Michael McCormack.

Will of Gertrude P.McCormack

Handwritten by her on May 20, 1919 at Reno, Nevada

What I want done with my little belongings in case of my death.

If thi thi this house 404 N Virginia St. is not paid for, the lot acrost the river in (Cenic Park Addition) is to be sold, and the funds applied on this house to clear it. If clear, the lot is to be deeded to Henry for a house only, not to sell.

deeded with that proviso.

My Laundry Stock for Mack.

My car Mack is to keep for business purposes.

My deposit book & cash in bank for Jimie.

“ US Bonds to apply on property if not clear. If clear, divide it or help

Henry get a house with it.

My Mackabee Insurance $1,000 for Mama, papers, Bonds etc in deposit box

in Bank.

My writing desk Doris Dehart.

My little piano if you part with it Jimie give to Betty when 6 years old if Henry has a house and thinghs look, permanent with them.

My picture, oil painting (done by my self) of mountain cenery with river and little boat on. Give to Dora, to revirt to Doris when Dora gets through with it.

My wedding ring is to be left on my finger where you put it 30 years ago last month Jimie, April 17th 1889 as it has never been off.

My big diamond I wish returned to the Jewelry store, each to be kept by you Jimie.

My earrings I want one set in your Masonic charm and the other set in a (Lions mouth) in a ring for Henry. The head is not to be too large, but large enough, that it makes a gentlemans ring only, and to be worn by him only.

My watch and chain –

My bracelets, – One toMrs Bertschey – 1 to

“ Breast pins – The gold hoop with pearl

“ “ “ Maple leaf –

“ “ “ Bar pin with wings enamel –

“ Cut glass dishes, Large Berry bowl – Mrs. Frank Ward. Klamath Falls.

Oregon. Fern water glasses – Dora Dehart. Cut glass base – Ethel Cut glass

sauce dishes – Set of six – One to Dora [Zoe E Suobe?] – 1 to Ida

Bertschey -1 to Mrs Bird 1 to Beckie Heller.

3895 Sacramento St. San Francisco.


Here is her actual handwritten will;

Gertrude's Will Pg. 1

Gertrude’s Will Pg. 1

Gertrude's Will Pg. 2

Gertrude’s Will Pg. 2


Here is the lady herself;

Gertrude Peacock McCormack

Gertrude Peacock McCormack


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