Mappy Monday – McCormack Lake

The area inside the purple square(s) is some of the land that my great great grandfather, Michael McCormack and his son, Edward J. McCormack bought in 1884. They each bought 160 acres. They somehow got the adjacent lake named after the family. Although today, it is spelled McCormick Lake. It would great if somehow the correct spelling could be used. They also got a local road named after the family, McCormack Lake Road. #36 is located approximately at 44.9488510, 84.2626118 or about 5.56 miles NE of Lewiston, Michigan on a heading of 27.96 degrees.

McCormack Land Purchases

McCormack Land Purchases

This is the land grant that Michael got when he was purchasing the land.

Michael McCormack's Land Grant

Michael McCormack’s Land Grant

I have no idea on why Michael and Edward decided to buy land in northern Michigan. They had lived in Ypsilanti, Michigan for almost 10 years. At the time, Michael (and Catherine) would have had 5 children and maybe 7 children still living with them. There are some “strong” suggestions that maybe Edward and an unnamed daughter that died as an infant are buried on the property that he once owned. I also don’t know why Michael “abandoned” his land and moved to Otter Lake to where his eldest son, William, lived. Perhaps Michael being in his mid 60s at about this time, couldn’t handle the northern Michigan winter. Who knows? They also managed to get a street in Mio named after them too. At least this street sign is spelled correctly!

McCormack Street Sign in Mio, Michigan.

McCormack Street Sign in Mio, Michigan.


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