Stationary Sunday – The McCormack General Store of Mio, Michigan

McCormack General Store Stationary - Mio

McCormack General Store Stationary

As the caption states, this is stationary from the former McCormack General Store in Mio, Michigan. It was owned and operated for many years by Elizabeth J. McCormack. After Elizabeth passed away, it was operated by her daughter, Edna. This wasn’t the only store in the McCormack family. Elizabeth’s brother’s-in-law, William in Otter Lake and Henry in Ithaca, also owned and operated general stores. But those are stories for another day and blog post.

McCormack's Grocery Store in Mio, Michigan

McCormack’s Grocery Store in Mio, Michigan

This is the store on the main street of Mio, Morenci Avenue. It was built in 1932 and most likely one of Mio’s oldest buildings. Although it isn’t a general store any more, it is still an important part of the McCormack legacy, Mio and the local northern Michigan area.


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