It’s Thankful Thursday!

Although there have been many people that helped me out in my search for facts about the McCormacks. There is one person that I would like to thank for the help that she gave me. It would be Lura Addy Young, she is my second cousin once removed. Years ago, it had to have been in the early 90’s, she sent me a two page letter about the McCormacks. It contained a LOT of facts, notes and interesting statements. It gave me hints and headstarts that I doubt that I could have gotten on my own. There was one note in particular that I doubt that I would have found out on my own. It was about one of my great grandfather’s younger brothers. It said that he went to Reno, Nevada and had one son named Harold. Until I read that, I had NO idea about what happened to this particular brother. There is also a few things on that letter that I haven’t been able to confirm. Yet. I believe that most everything that I have been able to accomplish in researching the family of Michael McCormack has come from that letter I got from her.

Thanks, Lura!


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