Tombstone Tuesday: Michael and Catherine (Paine) McCormack



These are the tombstones of my great great grandparents, Michael and Catherine (Paine) McCormack. I have no idea on why “Father” and “Mother” were carved onto the tombstones instead of their names. You’ll have to ask their (first) son, William E. McCormack. He is also my great grandfather. They spent the last 12-13 years of their lives living in the same village as William, Otter Lake, Michigan. There is some discrepancy between the dates on Michael’s stone and his death certificate. The d/c says 1824. They were survived by seven of their ten children, nine grandsons and 10 granddaughters. There is much speculation on what exactly Michael’s profession was before he and Catherine left Ireland. What we do know that he was listed as a farmer in every census in the United States.

6 thoughts on “Tombstone Tuesday: Michael and Catherine (Paine) McCormack

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  2. My guess is that there is or was a larger center family stone with their names on it and these were the head or foot stones.


    • Toni,

      Yes and no. Yes there is a larger (center) family stone/marker, but no there are no first names on it. Just the family name is on the larger stone. Btw, I took both pictures. Thanks for reading my blog!


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