The Beginning

This is the family of Michael (and Catherine) McCormack, my great great grandparents. They are the older couple sitting in the lower right corner of the picture. The photograph was taken in Otter Lake, Michigan at the house of William E. McCormack. I am not sure exactly when the photo was taken, my best “guess” is about 1907 or 1908. The little girl at the top of the stairs, holding her mother’s hand, is my great/grand aunt Ruth. She was born in Feb 1904. I would use her birthdate as a starting point to date this picture.

The McCormack Family Reunion

The McCormack Family Reunion


8 thoughts on “The Beginning

  1. I would like to thank my second cousin once removed, Lura, for this picture. Her father is the young man in between the three ladies on the porch and the four adults standing on the ground.


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